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CTO / Lead Programmer (Senior) - Sweden


· Our client is an independent studio based inSweden, making AAA and mobile titles. We are looking for a highly experiencedsenior programer, with several AAA games on their resume, that can take on therole as Lead Programmer and CTO. As we expand they will be in charge of findingand hiring more coders with the necessary skills, and to coach the new talentsto grow in their field.

· They need to have passion for games and still bean avid gamer. They need to have a strong opinion and not afraid to speak theirmind, as they will be a part of a small core team in charge of developing largefranchises and internal development of new IPs and concepts.

· Most of all they need to come up with newcreative ideas for games and projects.

· This is not a position for anyone sitting aroundwaiting to be told what to do. We are looking for a partner in the expansion ofthe company. They need to be self sufficient and anticipate the needs of peoplearound them.

· Salary and relocation package is open fornegotiation with an additional cash signing bonus.

To apply send CV to ash@big-planet.biz

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